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Embroidery patterns are iron-on patterns that can be transferred to 100% cotton fabric and are good for two or more transfers.

Use a dry iron at the HOTTEST setting move slowly back and forth making sure the paper does not move.

Hold the pattern in place and lift up a corner to make sure the design transferred, if not lay back down and iron more.

Transfers work best on light colored fabric.

DO NOT leave in direct sunlight as transfer will fade.

DO NOT iron until embroidery is done, since ironing will fade the lines

Yesterday’s Charm specializes in hand embroidery, quilting patterns and supplies. It is a mail order/internet business.  The business was created in 1998 by, Loyce Saxton who has enjoyed sewing since she was a little girl sewing clothes for dolls,  herself and then for her children. Of course hand embroidery has always been apart of embellishing clothing and home decor. Now it is a pleasure to share the love to of sewing with you.



For Beginners
Keep the project simple and something they like. A simple running stitch is a good start for a young child, teaches them how to run a needle in and out of the fabric, but if it's easier let them poke and stab the needle in and out. My daughter, when she was little, did her initial in satin stitch with the poke and stab method,it was a bit primitive but sweet and she was happy. Let them have fun and remember nobody is perfect.

One Yard Minimum
Minimum of one yard is required when ordering on line since the web site is not designed to handle anything less. If you would like to order smaller quantities please feel free to call in your order. 

Shipping Cost
Every attempt is made to keep shipping cost as close to actual cost as possible but sometimes computers overcharge, when this happens you will be credited back for the amount of the overcharge.


Don't know what that someone special wants?  A gift certificate is the way to go. Pick the amount you want, let us know who it is for and where you want it sent it's that easy.

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