Minky Bronco

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Kids are back to school, fall is back and I'm back after spending the Summer in a recliner healing from several of broken bones.  Still moving slow but glad to be able to sewing again.  Before I crashed my 4 wheeler I was able to get some sewing done for my newest grandson.  Each of my grand kids get a stuffed toy made out of Minky and for Wyatt I choose to make Little Bronco.  The pattern calls for the mane and tail to be made by cutting the fabric into strips or pulling the threads, since Minky fabric will not work for this I changed the pattern.  For the mane I used a contrasting fabric double the length of it, folded it in half and gathered up the raw edge to fit.  For the tail I made the lower section of the tail the contrasting color and gathered it up.  If you would like to do the same click on the pattern provided below.

Click Here for Minky Bronco Tail & Mane Pattern ,  on the Print Options uncheck the Full Sheet option

Coming soon bandana bibs and a child's quilts for little girls.