Spectrum Yellow

spectrum yellow3.jpg
spectrum yellow3.jpg

Spectrum Yellow

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Ready Tex Fabric Paint is applied with a brush but has the look of a dye. Once the paint has been heat set it can be washed. For a bold color, paint full strength. For a softer color, wipe off the excess paint from your brush before you paint. Sold in 1oz bottles.

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Painting Directions

  1. Iron freezer paper to fabric back.

  2. Transfer design

  3. Shake paint well and use a regular paint brush to test on a scrap of fabric first.

  4. Color lightly first then go over again darkening and hiding any uneven coloring.

  5. Allow paint to dry before painting another color.

  6. When paint is dry, embroider using two or three strands of floss in a darker shade than the paint.

  7. Heat set for four minutes, using a cloth or paper towel on top.

  For a soft color wipe off excess paint on a paper towel before painting.

Transfer design and paint

Embroider, then heat set